Cucumbers sliced thinly

And a grinning lamb’s head

That’s what I found

When I climbed into bed

I’m weirded at seven

But just bizarre at eight

There’s my ultimate heaven

If I can surf through that gate

The journey’s all planned -

I’ll travel by motorized star

A bizarre concept really, but a comfortable ride -

A circular capsule fits you neatly inside

Surround me with laughter

And bright smiling faces

Tape my nose to a plank

So I can’t see that Giraffe

I remember running backwards

With my brightly-coloured pheasant

It was the wires that always stopped me

When I attempted to fly

How’s your state of mind now

Is it functioning completely

Or is it leading you neatly

Down a narrow brick alley

That turns ever inwards

Where your uncle is waiting

In the shape of a bull

Later on at the party, when nobody’s watching

I’ll sneak out the back and breath life into ‘Clara’

Who’s lying ‘unconscious’ beneath the magnolia

In your essence of ‘1000 Grey Monkeys’ I’ll pass

And out from my eyes streams the yellowness of nuns

In the tight, cosy darkness

Of the under-stairs cupboard

We giggle and fumble

Whilst the adults drink tea

With our glowing toy soldiers

We are Arabian horses

“The size of an elephant”

Or as small as a pea


©2017 Barry Cox/Flying Man Productions. All Rights Reserved.