The Southgators - named after a ‘space-age’ style 60’s housing estate in Runcorn called “Southgate’ (now long since demolished) The original members: Russ Williams, Ste Doolan, Simon Sheard, Barry Cox and Colin Lang formed a skiffle/rockabilly/folk busking combo.

A later reformation of the band in 1995 featured (pictured left): Loraine Baker (double bass, vocals), Barry Cox (accordions, percussion, whistle), Russ Williams (mandolin, percussion, vocals), Ste Doolan (accoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals), and Stew Williams (banjo, fiddle, vocals). Their musical influences drew on a broad spectrum of world folk music including Cajun, Bluegrass, Skiffle, Rockabilly, Blues and European Folk.

Nicht Olen.mp3  (written by B Cox)

Perestroika.mp3  (written by R Williams)

Ce Chapeau me faire encore un hiver.mp3

(written by S Williams/The Southgators)


Shenan Doah Breakdown.mp3  (trad. Arr. by The Southgators)

Mystery Train2.mp3   (trad. Arr. by The Southgators)

Fire On The Mountain.mp3   (trad. Arr. by The Southgators)

The Last Time.mp3  

(written by The Rolling Stones. Arr.The Southgators)

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