(1993 - 1995)

The Ryecatchers came together in 1993 as a result of a music project in Widnes, Cheshire. The original members (pictured left to right) were: Peter King (vocals, percussion), Dennis King (vocals), Tony Swift (mandolin, vocals), Colin Ogburn (electric bass), Alan King (acoustic guitar), and Barry Cox (accordion, whistle, drums, vocals).

The Ryecatchers music was an original blend of folk and acoustic rock with prominent three part vocal arrangements. Song lyrics were predominantly written by the King Brothers with other members assisting in musical arrangement.

After becoming locally popular over a two year period and recording several times (though never releasing an album), Tony Swift, Barry Cox and later Peter King left the band.

The remaining members reformed some years later and continue to write and play music. 

She Wakes Up.mp3

(written by the King brothers)

Wind Blown Town.mp3

(written by the King brothers)

The Catcher.mp3

(written by the King brothers)


Third Time Lucky.mp3

(written by the King brothers)

Drinkin Hard Blues.mp3

(written by the King brothers)

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