Bring whatever instruments/ sound creation devices you like!

About The Experimental Music Collective.

- an evening workshop of jamming, sharing music and creative improvisation, that currently takes place upstairs at The Open Minds Bar, Lowther Arcade, Carlisle.

The evening is loosely based around the concept of exploring and fusing as many musical and artistic genres as participants wish to bring to the workshop. Emphasis is on working and listening as a group, experimentation, diversity and sharing creative experiences. It is open to anyone wishing to come down, drop in and join in, whatever area of creative arts they are interested or work in. This includes visual/audio-visual artists, poets, dancers, actors etc. who  feel they could participate/contribute in their particular field of expression.

The evening takes place in the upstairs room of the bar, in a dimly lit atmospheric environment that hopefully promotes creativity and reduces self-awareness. Because the workshop is not a performance, in the interest of creative expression we generally discourage viewing public, or encourage them to join in in some way.

Power is available for amplifiers, keyboards, computers etc and it is advised that anyone wanting amplification should bring their own..

Refreshments are available in the main bar downstairs.

The emphasis is on relaxing, meeting people, letting go and enjoying being creative.


The Experimental Music Collective is currently discontinued until further notice.

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